My Residency at The Rodd, Sydney Nolan Trust August 11-16th 2019

Map of the property

During my time here I have been keeping a sketchbook journal which began within 2 hours of arriving at this enchanting place. The captivating landscape of green hills and endless sky, swallows chasing the evening’s flies, the fields full of clover and the beautiful welsh black cows were an immediate inspiration.

My work is taken from the landscape, I walk, listen, watch, smell and sketch to find my balance in a new environment.

Gustave Jung said, to paraphrase, “we have lost our “bush soul” which links us to the totem and ancestral spirits in nature”. I aim to connect with the place I am in, to feel my “bush soul”. 

My work needs to reflect this so I learn about it by drawing and note taking and write little musings as they enter my mind.

I also collect objects that catch my interest.

This week I have collected soils which reflect the colour of the landscape and made glair paint (used to decorate the pharaohs tombs and also for the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages)  from these to decorate a ‘memory pole’. This pole reflects my input into the landscape and the colours and lines become a symbol and memory of where I have been. If I leave the pole I too am registering a trace.

The other smaller works are ‘works in progress’, unresolved but will start a momentum for future work. I have used symbolic images taken from the house and estate and transferred by print and drawing onto objects that represent this place.