These poles have been inspired by their historical contexts. I have used and collected local soils. The poles are from different sources and different woods.  My argument continues to be that man has a creative spirit with a need to make and leave traces. 

Iceni Memory Poles

“By using iconography from today’s popular culture Ruth engenders a juxtaposition between the objects and materials available 2000 years ago and now. The Memory Poles are emblematic of the Iceni tribe (AD 60) from East Anglia, her home. She has used natural pigment ochres, limestone and charcoal to make the glair paint restricting her palette similar to the availability in early Roman times in eastern Britain.”

Iceni Memory poles Glair paint on Hazel Coppice Size Various approx 2 metres x 5cm diameter

Ring Circle Memory Pole

“For this work Ruth collected the soils from the Circle Ring, nr Bleddfa, Radnorshire, Wales where the cordwood was grown. The paints are made from these pigments, the marks are referencing the strata from the onsite quarry and the contour lines of the surrounding landscape. The significance for man to leave his trail is about claiming his space and to ensure his time on earth has made a difference. This memory pole is a suggestion of just that, for the artist and the space from where it derived.” 

Drawing of the Birch Cordwood
Drawing of proposed stripped and painted cordwood using glair paints, graphite and charcoal
Ring Circle Memory Pole Birch Cordwood 136 x 10 cm