Forest Floor Drawings

My challenge is to highlight the fragility of our forests’ natural carpeting. The progression of seasonal change and how it develops as our planet warms up. The foliage dieback and its affect on our insect life which is interrupted and scarred.

Left to Right

Forest Fragment: Pencil on Japanese Paper 50 x 35 cm.

Considering the impermanent, imperfect and unfinished element of natures cycle and the strength in repair.

NSW Forest Before the Fires: Pencil on Kosuke Paper 85 x 50 cm

Forest Floor NSW Australia Before the Fires in 2019 Pencil on Kozuke Paper 820 x550mm

Chestnut Forest Floor: Pencil on Japanese Paper 90 x 40 cm

Chestnut Forest Floor Autumn 2019 900 x 400 mm Pencil on Japanese paper

The drawings I am showing here are studies of two very different Forest Floors. One in East Anglia in a sweet chestnut wood in autumn when the foliage is falling off the trees but the variety of other leaf matter and shoots are still green and vibrant.  The other is a forest I visited in New South Wales not far from Sydney, Australia before the forest fires last Autumn (their spring). The foliage is dry, curling and piled high from one year to the next. I have spent many hours befriending and analysing the objects and forming them into some kind of pattern within the turmoil and chaos of the random foliages. I want to highlight an area of the landscape which is often ignored, in the case of the Sydney forest it has been a prominent cause of the raging fires.  

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